Mount Mosor – Dalmatian Karst Beauty

The Dugopolje village is situated near its namesake field at the foot of the northern slopes of Mount Mosor. There are several different origins of the Mosor name. According to some sources, Mosor was named after the Latin expression Mons Aureus, meaning ̎golden mountain̎, whereas other sources say that the name derives from the Illyrian words mol, ̎mount̎, and sor, meaning ̎spring̎. And indeed, Mount Mosor abounds with springs and hidden caves.

The hiking trails lead from the Plitača locality in the Dugopolje field to the Ljubljan peak (1,262 m). Much more challenging are the hiking trails that lead to the Vickov stup peak (1,325 m), starting in the Punde hamlet, the Kotlenice village, not far from the Vranjača cave.

A less challenging and shorter trail leads from the Balići-Džakići hamlet in Dugopolje to the Kraljeva Peć cave and the remains of Šutanj, the Illyrian hillfort (480 m).

The northern slopes of Mount Mosor have a lot of karst formations, namely karren, sinkholes and potholes, and the richness of endemic plant and animal species can also be found on the mountain.

Both the management and maintenance work of the hiking trails are carried out by the Ljubljan Croatian Hiking Club from Dugopolje.


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